Gum Therapy Oil

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Ahhh, a natural product for gum health! Are your gums sore, bleeding, sensitive, weak or do you just want to strengthen them and have healthy gums? This oil is fantastic. You can literally feel it working. Now, it isn't a breath freshener, although your breath will be fresher when you kill all the germs in your mouth with this! It doesn't taste minty or have any artificial flavors in it. It is meant to work, not mask! Not to scare you off. It doesn't taste bad, it just works.

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba oil, Essential oils of tea tree, mryhh, lemon and peppermint.


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    very good

    Posted by Barbara Keigher on 30th Aug 2021

    I have found multiple uses for this. I recommend.

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    Soothing and works!

    Posted by Elizabeth on 14th Feb 2019

    I had never thought of putting oil on my gums, but after some dental work gone awry that left me with a crown that caused irritation at the gum-line, I decided to try this. Irritation gone! Tastes kind of funky to begin with, but the taste does not linger long. I got a bottle for my son who had bleeding gums after brushing, and this has stopped that for him. Good stuff. Also, if you are looking for a great skin care product, try Crystal's Poof!

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    Gum Therapy Oil

    Posted by Jen on 1st Oct 2018

    This product is amazing! My gums bleed so easily. I’ve tried everything including prescription mouthwash but nothing really helped. Since I started using this, my dentist can’t be get over the difference! It works great!

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    Feels Great!

    Posted by Melissa Jane on 17th Jan 2017

    Nice oil that feels healing, nicely scented, & quality ingredients. Feels good after a floss.

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    Excellent for bleeding gums

    Posted by Ilynne Reyes on 27th Aug 2015

    Highly recommend this product. Helped reduce gum swelling and bleeding. I massage my gums with it for a minute before brushing my teeth at night.

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    product perfectly described in "description"

    Posted by Monique on 13th Dec 2014

    I feel like it does the job it's intended to do!

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    Natural oral care just got better!

    Posted by MELINDA HOLMES on 14th Aug 2014

    Love this product!....I have been using baking soda/salt tooth powder that I make myself for a few years now. Hated store bought toothpaste, too many chemicals. Mouthwash is even worse, nothing but natural solution. After using TANF "go ahead and smile" tooth polish, you can use this product. The gum therapy oil can be applied easily to your gums using a cotton swab or pour a small amount into your paper cup and use your finger. I prefer a cotton swab. Leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh! Wonderful product and this will definitely be in my oral care routine.

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    you will love this

    Posted by toni Parisi on 3rd Aug 2014

    This is a great product totally worth the money. I carry it with me in my purse for mid work coffee breath. Your mouth doesn't get minty but it definitely feels clean.

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    Love the gum therapy oil!

    Posted by Kala on 5th Mar 2014

    Just take a q-tip and apply along the gums. I've noticed my gums aren't so sensitive when using this and its like it heals your gums. With normal brushing and use of this oil you will find your gums in better shape than they were before! Happy to have it in the medicine cabinet!