Magical Mane Tea-Ayurvedic Formula

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I stopped using soap on my hair a couple of years ago. Why? Your hair has a natural ph of 5, soap has a ph of 10, so every time you put shampoo on your hair you are stripping it of its natural ph. Your hair is not alive, therefore it cannot correct its own ph. Then you strip it, dye it, curl it, and blow dry it. Think about it. how many folks have a gorgeous head of hair when they get older? How many young people do? Now mind you, I am an old soap maker. I make and use soap, just on stinky places, and not my face and hair. I also don't dye my hair with chemicals. I use henna, which actually improves your hairs condition. I will be introducing a full henna line of many colors and a lot more hair teas as well.

This tea is my personal favorite, I developed it after researching hair for quite some time. My husband came to me not too long ago because his hair, which is quite long, was starting to fall out and lose its luster. I developed this for him. Within days his hair was fuller, and more vibrant. Now it is back to the way it was before it started going downhill.

This is not only better for you hair It is cheaper. You get 2 heaping tea bags, and one empty 16 ounce bottle. Each of the bags holds enough herbs to make one full gallon of tea.


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    Makes my hair soft and helps my waves!

    Posted by Marie on 12th Apr 2019

    I really love the hair tea. I’ve been slowly creating a hair routine that nurtures my waves and every time I rinse with this they look great! I alternate on wash days between cowash and this. The hair tea is definitely much more gentle, but my hair will not stay as grease-free for as long as with the cowash. This is definitely more cost effective. It took me a month or more to use up the sample bag. Now that I’ve got two gallons worth of tea in my two full-size bags for less than $20 I’m set for a while! I hope it’s never discontinued. My hair is always noticeably more bouncy and so soft, even at the ends. I think it’s helping my hair recover from the frizzy state it’s been in for years.

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    Left hair soft, gave volume, and curl definition

    Posted by Kara Grady on 1st Dec 2016

    I've tried the pH balanced shampoo twice. Left my hair dry and sticky. I like this formula better. It made my hair soft, and gave a nice definition to my wavy hair. Though it smells herbal, once you rinse it out it goes away. I really like this and plan to stick to it.

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    Posted by noelle on 11th Oct 2015

    a great way to cleanse hair without harsh shampoo. Love it

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    Shiny and Voluminous Hair

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Feb 2015

    I had weak, dry and dull hair prior to using the Magical Mane Ayurvedic Formula. Initially I was skeptical when I got out the biggest stove pot in the house to boil a gallon of water to make the tea, but it is well worth it once I felt how much bounce and softness there was to my hair. This beats costly volumizing products and actually delivers results and life to dull hair. Adios shampoo!

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    All Natural Hair

    Posted by Helen Jennings on 26th May 2014

    Castile soap has not worked well for me as a Shampoo. My household water comes from a well and it is pretty hard. I resorted to using Paul Mitchell shampoo because it is not tested on animals but it contains plastics that are bad for the environment and the preservatives make my scalp itch. The All Natural Face hair tea is a miracle product. My hair feels light and fluffy and has a nice shine to it. I also use the All Natural Face apple cider vinegar rinse infused with 12 herbs. I use it 2-3 times per week and it just adds to the wonderful results. I highly recommend the hair care system. Helen J. California